Opening Up The Files On The Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics: Cedric Maxwell and Sean Grande join Celtics radio royalty

The Boston Celtics have had a legendary cast of radio hosts since 1953 when Johnny Most who ruled the Boston air ways through all the letters in the alphabet: WCOP, WNAC, WHDH, WBZ, WRKO, and WEEI.

Most was hired Red Auerbach to replace Curt Gowdy (another legend) to be the play-by-play man on the Celtics radio network as the voice of the Celtics for 37 years.

Since Most, there have only been a handful of people who can say they’ve been calling the Celtics for at least 2,000 games.

Cedric Maxwell and Sean Grande joined the elite list on Monday vs the Chicago Bulls. The duo has been calling games together for 25 years now!

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Photo Credit: Celtics Radio


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