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Celtics Files: Jayson Tatum breaks down buzzer-beater vs Nets in playoffs

The Boston Celtics hosted the Brooklyn Nets in the first game of the playoffs last year. A game we’ll all remember forever before the Celtics finished the series quickly by sweeping the Nets in the first round.

The first game, however, ended in dramatic fashion with a Jayson Tatum buzzer-beating layup to win the game. This play is simply just beautiful basketball by a core group of guys who’ve grown and matured on the court together.

The chemistry in Boston is unmatched and this play proved it.

With 15 seconds remaining, the Celtics collected a rebound off a missed 3-pointer from Kevin Durant and was given to Jaylen Brown, who brought the ball up the halfcourt with about 8 seconds left on the clock. 

Brown made an outside move towards the basket and kicked it out to Marcus Smart who was out on the left 3-point corner area. Smart faked his shot attempt, stepped up in between Nets’ defenders as he locked eyes with Tatum, who cut to the basket on Smart’s pass, spun around Kyrie Irving and laid it in at the buzzer. 

Tatum Jaylen Brown combined for 53-points in this game. 

As I said earlier, this play was just beautiful. Here’s what Tatum had to say about the play in a recent breakdown of it.

The Celtics take on the Nets tonight in Brooklyn at 7:30 PM. Perhaps Tatum will have another big performance against Brooklyn.

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