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Boston Celtics: Jaylen Brown could miss up to two weeks with injury

Boston Celtics star Jaylen Brown will be out for Thursday’s game in Brooklyn and possibly up to two weeks with a right adductor strain, per Celtics coach Joe Mazzulla.

Here’s what Mazzulla said about Brown during a pregame press conference before tonight’s game in Brooklyn.

“I anticipate it being pretty short. Probably a week or two.”

Mazzulla went on to say that Brown tried to give it run today, despite feeling sore shortly after last night’s game vs the Pelicans.

“I’m not sure what the timeline is. I know he tried to give it a go today and wasn’t able to do it. We’ll know more the next couple days, see how he responds.”

Brown is producing an All-NBA season, averaging career high’s in points per game (27.2 points per game) and field goal percentage (49.8%).

Heading into Thursday’s NBA schedule, Brown was ranked fifth in the NBA in total points scored this season with 1086- points.

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