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Boston Celtics: Jayson Tatum gives Malcolm Brogdon his flowers

The Boston Celtics swatted the Hornets away with a 122-106 blowout victory on Saturday at the Spectrum Center.

This game unfortunately saw Derrick White suffer a neck injury and was unable to return to the game. The play happened early in the first quarter when Marcus Smart ran into White’s head, bringing him to the ground, holding his neck in pain.

It was due to White’s neck injury that allowed Malcolm Brogdon to play 31 minutes off the bench and step up in a HUGE way when the Celtics needed it most, especially during a time when Jaylen Brown isn’t available for a while with an adductor injury.

Here’s what Tatum said about Brogdon and his performance after the game.

“That’s why we got him. We always talk about sacrificing and he’s coming off the bench, you know, that’s what’s best for the team on those given nights and he accepts it and he still comes in and be himself and we need him to be. And I think that’s what makes our team so special, you know, we got guys like that are sacrificing but you know we got guys out and they step up even more and have big nights like this.”

Without Brown in the lineup for up to two weeks and the possibility of White being out for a period of time, Brogdon is going to need to have nights like this in order for the Celtics to continue winning while being down two starters.

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