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Boston Celtics: Payton Pritchard is too valuable for Celtics to lose

The Boston Celtics aren’t interested in parting ways with Payton Pritchard this season, as the third-year reserve guard is too valuable for them this season, despite not playing much.

It’s reported that playoff teams around the league have inquired about Pritchard, including the Golden State Warriors, who have dealt with an inconsistent bench all season and believe that Pritchard can be an upgrade to their roster.

Pritchard is a 40.1 percent career 3-point shooter and works extremely hard on the other end of the court. To which, Boston acknowledged by picking up his 2023-24 team option, gladly accepting the $4,037,278 addition to their books.

Although it’s easy for Pritchard to get lost in rotation with Boston’s veteran point guard group of Marcus Smart, Derrick White, and Malcolm Brogdon, it’s also easy for him to get back in the rotation in every game. 

It’s only inevitable that Smart and Brogdon will miss some games in the second half of the season due to injuries or load management rest days with the playoffs approaching. 

Not to mention, the argument can be made that Pritchard should be getting Sam Hauser’s minutes, as he’s been in a shooting slump going on two and a half months now. 

With the way he’s able to score, Pritchard can be a great floor spacer, further benefiting the Celtics when he’s in the game. 

He’s a weapon and I don’t expect the Celtics to move on from him this season.

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Photo Credit: Ezra Shaw, Getty Images


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