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Boston Celtics: Terry Rozier on Tatum and Brown: ‘we built all of this for them’

It’s always great when the Boston Celtics play the Charlotte Hornets because it means we get to see our good friend Terry Rozier, who the Celtics traded in 2019 to acquire Kemba Walker.

The Celtics drafted Rozier 16th overall in 2015 and he quickly became a fan favorite during what was a few rebuilding years after trading Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett for future assets which eventually became Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum.

In 2018, Rozier earned the nickname “Scary Terry” where he finished the first round of the playoffs vs Milwaukee with 42/33/80 shooting splits. He also famously referred to Eric Bledsoe as Drew Bledsoe, saying he didn’t know who Eric was. This added fuel to the fire, and the Celtics fans were the fire.

Rozier caught up with Josue Pavon of CLNS media after being defeated 130-118 in this past weekend’s miniseries. Rozier said that he’s rooting for the C’s to do well and is proud of the growth of Brown and Tatum.

“When I first got drafted to the Celtics, we was building to where they’re at right now. We did a lot of things to build, but I feel like the Celtics have found their way (led) by Jayson and Jaylen, you know, my young boys. So, I’m just glad to see that. They put the work in since day one, and they deserve everything. They deserve everything that they got coming, and hopefully, they can win them one. I’m cheering for them, for sure.”

Rozier continued on by saying he was part of the foundation that’s led Brown and Tatum and the Celtics to where they are now:

“I feel like all the years from when I first came in, we built all of this for them to be where they’re at right now, and they’re taking it full force. I respect them for that.”

Rozier isn’t necessarily wrong. He was part of the initial rebuild and absolutely crushed his opportunities, leading him to sign two massive contracts with the Hornets.

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