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Boston Celtics: Payton Pritchard 3-point specialist in Celtics history

Boston Celtics third-year reserve guard and sharpshooter Payton Pritchard has been consistent since the Celtics drafted him at the end of the first round in 2020.

He came into Boston as a well-rounded and almost complete player out of Oregon at 23-years-old, an older rookie in today’s NBA. 

Pritchard has been exactly as advertised during his time in Boston. A consistent shooter off the bench that can provide energy and spark into a game at any moment. 

With career shooting splits of 43/40/89, Pritchard has proven to be consistent through his three years in the league.

Pritchard has made 100+ 3-pointers in each of his first two seasons in Boston. Following this trend, he should be on pace to do it again, despite playing in less minutes than his first two seasons. 

Pritchard currently ranks 25th all-time in Celtics history with 234 made 3-pointers, just under Grant Williams who has one more year in the league than Pritchard.

Tracking his pace throughout his career, Pritchard needs to hit 69 more 3’s to reach his average in a single season, which is 100. 

It’s pretty neat to think about how high Pritchard is ranked in a short amount of time. 

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Photo Credit: Chris Schwegler, Getty Images


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