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Boston Celtics: The Derrick White- Rob Williams connection

Derrick White has fit seamlessly with the Boston Celtics since they acquired him at last years trade deadline.

White has a unique role allowing him to be a starter or come off the bench, which has been important for the Celtics as they’ve dealt with injuries throughout the season.

That said, White hasn’t missed any games this season, even after managing a neck injury, he was available for the next game.

Part of White’s role (and perfect attendance) features him playing with a variety of lineups throughout the roster. One of those lineups had him share the court with Rob Williams, which doesn’t happen as often as you might think, so it was great to see here.

As you can see in the video, Rob directed the traffic on this play. He acknowledged White as the facilitator and ran a play for himself, and I think it showed White just how impactful Rob can be.

According to NBA Stats and Data, White and Rob have shared the court in 16 games for 177 minutes this season.

Here’s what White said about playing with the Rob:

“We named our kids the same thing (Hendrix), so we got that connection. He’s fun to play with on both ends of the ball. You kind of throw it anywhere and he goes and gets it.”

Both White and Rob are guys you want to have on your team, both on and off the court.

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Photo Credit: Nathaniel S. Butler, NBAE Getty Images


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