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Boston Celtics: Jaylen Brown says medical team sidelined him in Miami

The Boston Celtics have dealt with their fair share of injuries as of late, including Jaylen Brown, who is trusting the medical staff to manage him properly following his adductor injury that initially kept him out of three games.

Brown was sidelined in Miami for adductor management, which he said was a decision made by the medical team.

“I’ve had worse injuries, I’m not too concerned with it, our medical staff made the call on that one.”

Injury management is something we should expect to see more often as the season progresses towards the playoffs. In addition to Brown, Jayson Tatum, Malcolm Brogdon, Al Horford, Rob Williams, and Marcus Smart have all missed games for this reason this season.

Lastly, Brad Stevens has mentioned numerous times throughout the season about trusting the “medical team” and “sports scientist”.

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Photo Credit: Sean Gardner, Getty Images


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