Opening Up The Files On The Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics: Jaylen Brown will be prepared in the next game

The Boston Celtics lost their third game in a row on Thursday night, back at home for the first time in four games following a road trip where they went 1-3.

Jaylen Brown had a chance to hit the game-tying and game-winning free throws, which he missed on both attempts.

After the game, Brown was honest about how he felt missing two key free throws and how he moves on from it to remain focused in the next game.

“I love this game, and I love the highs and the lows of it that comes with it, and so you don’t shy away from it. You take it, you wear it, and you be better in the next one.”

Sometimes I think Brown performs better when his routine isn’t altered. He mentioned how it was the training staff’s decision to sideline him in Miami. 

It’s something to keep in the back of our minds, anyways.

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