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Boston Celtics: Jaylen Brown speaks on the leadership of Al Horford

Boston Celtics superstar Jaylen Brown carried his team to an overtime victory in what turned into a redemption game for JB after missing two free throws in their last game vs the New York Knicks.

During the game, Brown turned the ball over while making a simple inbound. Brown said he wasn’t thinking about the play in front of him, but rather “two or three” steps down the court, acknowledging he wasn’t focused in the moment.

After the game, John Karalis of the Locked on Celtics Podcast, asked Brown what Al was saying to him from the sidelines in that moment.

“I threw it, causal turnover, Al got on me, and rightfully so. Came back and made some big plays down the stretch and he gave me some love. That’s a part of his leadership and that’s part of our growth as a team.”

Karalis followed up his question by asking Brown what it’s like to get feedback like that in real time, while in the moment.

“It’s great. You know, Al, it’s never condescending, you know, it’s never belittling, Al, you know, is coming from the right space when he’s talking. And it’s all towards winning. Al’s only geared toward winning. So anytime he does bring up or say something, you know that’s the angle he’s coming from. Not a place of malice or disbelief or anger or whatever, the frustration is all towards winning. When Al speaks you listen.”

I think this is the quote of the year from Brown. It embodies everything there is about being on a winning team and maintaining a consistent culture, and that’s what Al provides for the Celtics.

The players respect him for it.

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