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Boston Celtics: Joe Mazzulla reconfirms his position to the media

Boston Celtics coach Joe Mazzulla was asked if he’s given any input to Brad Stevens on what the team should do in regards to the trade deadline. His response was, well, what you’d expect from Mazzulla.

“I’m the interim head coach, he’s the general manager. That’s the relationship we have.”

Mazzulla’s relationship with the media is still forming. Everyone understands the position he was thrown into wasn’t easy, but some of the short responses and answers can be taken as confrontational in some eyes.

John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal and host of the Locked on Celtics Podcast has been a media member who’s been somewhat slighted in a postgame press conference by Mazzulla.

Karalis says he doesn’t take offense to things like that from Mazzulla because, like Mazzulla, Karalis is from Rhode Island and has been around people like him his whole life. I too am from RI and understand what Karalis is saying here.

I think Mazzulla is a really likable guy and has a lot of respect around the basketball courts in the Celtics facilities. But as far as his energy in the postgame, I don’t think anyone takes it to heart too much.

Although, a little more positive energy from Mazzulla during postgame wouldn’t be a bad thing.

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