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Celtics Notebook: Jayson Tatum ice cold vs Phoenix

It was a struggle for Jayson Tatum to create anything for himself on Friday night, leading to the Celtics taking a 106-94 loss at home to the Suns.

Tatum finished 3-of-15 shooting, with all three of his made shots being 3-pointers, as he went 3-of-10 from behind deep. This means he only took five 2-point shots on the night.

He scored 20-points, but it came from making 11-of-12 free throws. He didn’t make any shots in the first or fourth quarters, despite trying, but he did add six rebounds and five assists.

These were his five misses from inside the arc:

  • 7-foot driving layup
  • 18-foot pullup jump shot
  • 15-foot turnaround fadeaway
  • 8-foot driving layup
  • 3-foot driving layup

Tatum’s last 2-point shot was with 8:32 left in the second quarter, before his next nine shots throughout the rest of the game were all 3-pointers.

He’s been up and down from behind the arc this season. He’s shooting 35 percent but he’s averaging 9.4 attempts per game, which ranks the sixth most in the NBA.

In all, it was just a terrible shot selection night from Tatum. It’s nice to see that he was able to make plays in other facets of the game, but the Celtics really needed him to make more of the shots he took from the floor.

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Photo Credit: Michael Dwyer, AP Photo


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