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Boston Celtics: Derrick White explains strong depth will cause for players not to play

The Boston Celtics have used a handful of lineups this season, but one of the only players to be part of it all has been Derrick White, who’s played in every game this season.

White is a do-it-all player and is able to be productive in any way the Celtics intend to use him on that day, whether it’s starting or coming off the bench, White is making plays on both ends of the court for Boston.

During the 13 games Marcus Smart missed with an ankle injury, White carried the Celtics in many ways on both ends of the court. He averaged 18.5 points, 4.3 rebounds, 5.6 assists and 1.0 block per game while shooting 41.4 percent from behind the arc. 

It’s worth mentioning White is also producing an All-NBA Defensive caliber season this year, along with everything else he offers the Celtics. 

After the Celtics win in Philadelphia, White explained that the Celtics are too talented of a team for everyone to play.

“We’ve got a talented team. You can’t play everybody. So some nights it’s going to be you, some nights it’s going to be Malcolm, some nights it’s going to be… Sam. It can be anybody and we trust everybody on the team. So every time I’m out there I just try to bring the same energy and effort to try and help the team every minute I’m out there.”

White said what we’re all thinking. The team overall is just too talented when fully healthy, causing good players not to play as a result.

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