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Boston Celtics: What else could’ve Grant Williams done on the final play vs Utah?

After leading for most of the game, the Boston Celtics gave it up to the Utah Jazz, but still had a chance to win the game on the final play with five seconds remaining in the fourth quarter. Unfortunately, it didn’t go as planned. Boston lost 118-117, clinched the playoffs, but dropped to third in the Eastern Conference.

After the game, Celtics head coach Joe Mazzulla said the final play was designed for Jayson Tatum. However, it seems as if the only player with an action is Grant Williams, who received the inbound from Malcolm Brogdon.

Grant received the inbound and made a split-second decision to drive to the hoop in what he thought was an open lane. He was then met by two Jazz players — Walker Kessler and Kelly Olynyk — who he battled through to try to get a shot at the basket. He was blocked by Kessler and the game ended.

After reviewing the final play, Grant wasn’t really left with many options after receiving the inbound. The closest player who had a little bit of space was Sam Hauser, who was being the arc on the right side of the court closest to Grant.

It wouldn’t have looked pretty but there’s a small window where Grant could’ve passed it to Hauser for the game-winning shot. It just didn’t unfold the way it was supposed to for Boston on the final play.

Grant finished the game with 23-points on 50 percent shooting form the floor and made seven 3’s.

The Celtics play the final game of their current six-game road trip on Tuesday in Sacramento.

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Photo Credit: Jeffery D. Alfred, Dessert News


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