Opening Up The Files On The Boston Celtics

Wyc Grousbeck is all in on his Boston Celtics for the 2022-23 season

The Boston Celtics revamped their roster this summer after being just two wins shy from winning the NBA Finals over the Golden State Warriors just a few months ago. 

After two moves this offseason, the Celtics are now considered to have the deepest team in the NBA as they look to run it back this season with just about the same group as last year. 

The two acquisitions poised to propel Boston over the top are by acquiring Malcolm Brogdon via trade from the Indiana Pacers and signing Danilo Gallinari in free agency. 

These additions have not only made Celtics fans happy, but it’s also made Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck extremely happy and eager to get the season started.

This is what Wyc Grousbeck had to say to Dan Roche on WBZ:

“We think our roster right now is a strongly contending team. Ime loves the group. Brad loves the group. I love the group. Then the group is very cohesive.”

For years, the Celtics haven’t paid into the luxury tax with teams that they didn’t feel confident would be contending for a championship. 

However, that’s certainly not the case this year as Grousbeck gave Brad Stevens a green light and a blank check to sign the players he needs in order to improve the team, not worrying about the luxury tax if it’s the right decision. 

Grousbeck also expressed that both Brogdon and Gallinari believe they can win it all in Boston:

“We can win this thing, possibly.”

I don’t disagree with Brogdon, Gallinari, or Grousbeck about the Celtics being able to win it all. What about you?

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Photo Credit: Bill Streicher, USA TODAY Sports


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