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Boston Celtics: Derrick White is more comfortable in second year with Boston

When the Boston Celtics acquired Derrick White at last year’s trading deadline, it propelled the Celtics to be true Finals contenders with the focus being to get stronger defensively. Brad Stevens being able to get White for a first round pick and some fillers from the Spurs has turned out to be a genius move now that White has become more comfortable with Boston.

We’re essentially seeing a new and improved White this season, but it’s worth noting when he first came to Boston, he had a lot going on in his life. His wife (Hannah) was pregnant at the time and he had to move from Texas to Boston during the later part of her pregnancy, a task that isn’t simple for anyone involved.

That said, White struggled a bit on the court when he first got to Boston in February. However, by the playoffs, he was a pivotal piece in a limited rotation that went to the Finals. White missed some time in June for the birth of his son, Hendrix, leaving the Celtics in order to be there for his wife, ready for the start of his family. Once Hendrix came into the world, Derrick, in full on dad mode, put on a show when he returned to the court. 

It was like a giant boulder was removed from his shoulders that he was carrying from San Antonio all the way to Boston, allowing him to play mindlessly and instinctive, the way he’s played his entire life to land in the NBA. Since then, White has become the versatile player Boston needs and he’s having a career year in doing so. 

White has started 18 of 23 games this year and is carrying more responsibilities on the team. He’s almost having a 50-40-90 season, with shooting splits of 49/45/88. He is always making the right play and is more confident in his own shooting and scoring this season, to the point where Jayson Tatum wishes he’d be more “selfish” and take more shots.

Even with the three-headed guard group of Marcus Smart and Malcolm Brogdon, White still holds huge value on the Celtics. No matter if he’s starting or coming off the bench, he’s impactful and makes the right plays on both ends of the court. He came to Boston as a defensive stud who was pretty efficient from the field, and now he’s one of the best two-way and 3-point shooters in the entire NBA.

Derrick White moves in silence, but his moves are powerful. He’s so important to Boston’s success this season.

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