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Boston Celtics: Derrick White shines in first return to San Antonio

The Boston Celtics acquired Derrick White at the trade deadline last season. As great as it was for the Celtics, it was an extremely hard adjustment for White to have to make mid-season, as I explain in this piece.

White returned to the AT&T Center for the first time with the Celtics and as a starter against his former team, the team who drafted him and gave him an opportunity to play in the NBA.

In doing so, White spent the first five years of his career with the Spurs, solidifying himself as a solid two-way player in the league, and a fan favorite in San Antonio.

In his first game back, White received a well earned video tribute from the Spurs and received a standing ovation throughout the entire arena.

White finished the night with eight points, five rebounds, and 11 assists in 32 minutes. Here are his highlights below from the great Tomek Kordylewski.

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