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Boston Celtics: Do the C’s value Grant Williams more than other teams?

Does Boston value Grant Williams more than other teams around the league?

The Boston Celtics are looking to make a splash in the trade market this season, which is set to expire in three days from now on Feb. 9. As a result, the C’s have received some calls inquiring about Grant Williams, per Kevin O’ Connor of the Ringer.

It seems unlikely for Boston to part ways with Grant, as he’s a key rotation piece for them, despite a recent slump in offensive production. However, Grant and the Celtics were unable to come to a contract agreement in October, which will make him a restricted free agent after this season.

It’s worth mentioning that restricted free agency is something the Celtics are willing to test with Grant, as they’ll be able to match any offer sheet that will come his way this summer. And on the other hand, it’ll be good for Grant, as he’s betting on himself for a larger payday this summer. He’ll be able to see how he’s valued outside of Boston, if that’s a road he wants to go down. 

Grant is averaging 8.7 points and 4.6 rebounds per game on 48/42/85 shooting splits this season. He’s proven to be a consistent 3-point shooter as well as an elite defender, as we’ve seen him defend Kevin Durant and Giannis better than most people can in the NBA. 

This will come down to how much the Celtics value Grant in their future. There’s been suggestions from Boston media that Grant is in line to be the Al Horford replacement in the lineup when he retires one day.

Furthermore, Grant is a player the Celtics developed within their system after drafting him in the first round. With a focus on his weaknesses and the expectations being for him to be a contributor, he has arguably been one of the most improved players in the league. 

I think it would be a mistake to let Grant go, via trade or in restricted free agency. 

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Photo Credit: Nick Gase, Getty Images


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