Opening Up The Files On The Boston Celtics

Celtics Notebook: Griffin talks about time with Pierce and Doc in LA

Blake Griffin is embracing everything there is about being on the Boston Celtics. He understands why he was brought in to be part of this team, with this current group and how he can make an impact both on and off the court.

On the first episode of the second season of View From the Rafters, A Behind the Scenes With The Boston Celtics, features Griffin in a sit-down with Marc D’Amico and Abby Chin, talking about his basketball journey as a former top superstar at the top of the NBA.

One of the questions asked by D’Amico to Griffin was about playing with Paul Pierce in LA at the end of his career and being coached by Doc Rivers, as the two won a championship in Boston, where ironically enough, Griffin is now playing.

“It was great, man. He’s hilarious. Super talented and his stories over the years are incredible. But part of that was hearing how they [Boston] were as a team and you learn from guys like that. That was really cool for me.”

Griffin continues by saying that Pierce’s killer mindset is what set him apart during his career and it’s something Griffin learned from playing with Pierce. 

“His mindset is special. He just had that mindset that he’s going at you no matter what, no matter what game it is, he’s trying to kill. And it’s always good to be around that mindset because you can get complacent during the regular season.”

Despite not playing much on a nightly basis, Griffin has been a great addition to this team. He knows his role and as Doc used to say: “be a superstar in your role”.

Griffin is a superstar in his role for the Celtics. 

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Photo Credit: Cole Burston, Getty Images


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