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Celtics Notebook: Grant Williams adds to his list of defensive shutdowns

Boston Celtics fourth-year versatile swingman Grant Williams showed up to the scene last year as a versatile defender, when he proved to lock up Kevin Durant and Giannis Antetokunmpo in the playoffs.

Last night, however, the shorthanded Celtics needed someone to step up and defend Joel Embiid on a night where both Al Horford and Rob Williams were out with injury management.

It was a total team effort to get this win but even more so on the defensive end. In doing so, Derrick White, Blake Griffin, Luke Kornet, and the rest of Boston’s depth stepped up when needed the most.

However, it was Griffin who said limiting Embiid after the first quarter was in large part due to Grant.

“It was definitely a team effort, but Grant’s physicality was a big reason.”

Grant’s biggest asset to the Celtics is his defensive versatility and being able to hold his own against some of the best the NBA has to offer.

If the Celtics were to move on from Grant, it’s hard to imagine they’ll get a player in return that can provide what Grant does defensively.

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